The Catalina Surveys
Data Release 2 (CSDR2)

CRTS-I transient photometry

Here we provide the photometry for the 5540 CRTS-I transients discovered in CSS data.


This file contains the photometry for all 5540 orginal CSS transients in CRTS-I (pre-CRTS-II). None of the SSS or MLS transient have been included.

The ".phot" files are the Catalina photometry from our main photometry database (db). The format is the same as our webservices. In these files CSS photometry only comes from the IDs starting with a "1".
IDs starting with "2" relate to the photometry from the MLS telescope, and "3" to the SSS telescope (since some of the sources are detected by multiple telescopes). None of the photometry from MLS or SSS telescopes was used by CRTS in detecting these "CSS transients". The MLS and SSS photometry is purely supplimentary.

In addition to the .phot files we provide ".out" files. These are relate the CRTS "transient IDs" to numerical db IDs, mags, and coordinates.

Since many of the CRTS transient are not associated with the 500 million sources in the main photometry db (i.e. transients associated with faint undetected sources), we have also included photometry from the orphancat db separately. This photometry has been include in the ".orph" files. In these files the first ID is the CRTS transients numerical ID as it appears on our transient webpages (eg: SN).

The data format for the .orph files is:

Note the CRTS transient IDs always start with numbers that relate to the detection date. As with the .phot files the CSS photometry used to detect a transient can be found using "Field" number. CSS fields always start with a "1". Any data from Fields starting with 2 or 3 come from MLS or SSS telescopes, respectively, and are supplimentary detections.