Query input examples

The input equatorial RA and Dec in J2000 input coordinates must 
be in either decimal degrees, or space or colon separated sexagesimal 
coordinates as shown below:

ExampleRight Ascension(units)Declination(units) Radius (units)
1123.456 (°)12.345 (°) 0.4(´)
208:13:49.44(hrs:min:sec) 12:20:42.0 (°:´:´´) 0.4(´)
308 13 49.44(hrs min sec) 12 20 42.0 (° ´ ´´) 0.4(´)

If you have coordinates in other systems you may wish to try the 
conversion tools at gsfc or heasarc.

Note: The format of example 3 was added for the sake of one user 
whom believes colons are too difficult to use, and has never heard 
of a cone search.