The Catalina Surveys
Data Release 2 (CSDR2)

What's New in CSDR2


    In this data release we adding ~300 million sources detected by the Catalina SSS and MLS surveys. Data from the SSS survey overlaps with CSS data in the region -20 < Dec < 0, while MLS the survey overlaps CSS and SSS data along the ecliptic and results in the high density of sampling (> 600 observations for some sources).

    Data from the SSS survey spans the brightness range 11 < V < 19, while data from MLS spans 13 < V < 21.5.

    It is now possible to overplot the locations of source detected by the Catalina Surveys on images from DSS and SDSS using this service. Faint and transient source can be selected using the Orphancat database.

    What's coming in Data Release 3

    In data release 3, the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) will become the sole provider of public access to data from the Catalina Surveys. For the first time they will provide access to all the survey images so that indiviudal detections can be inspected and more detailed analyses can be performed.

    What was in the Catalina Surveys Data Release 1

    In Catalina Data Release 1 (CSDR1) we released the photometry for the 200 million sources from the Catalina Schmidt Survey.

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