Period Service Details

We suggest that all users read the FAQ and the Catalina Surveys data usage request before using this data.

Currently only CSS data is current available.
Additional data will be released in CSDR2.
For access to other Catalina data please contact us.

Input Parameters

The only required input consists of the Catalina Survey numerical ID.

User Period

This parameter is not required to obtain data. 
If it is given the objects will be phase folded to the 
input period (in days). If not given a Lomb-Scargle period 
finding algorthim will be used to find periodic features. 
The five best periods will be returned.


Plots of the lightcurves can be display and manipulated for a limited 
sample of objects.


The output of the query is returned to either a webpage (html)
or a comma separated ascii file (csv).

The Data Product

This service is solely provided for the investigation astronomical 
sources monitored CSS project and is provided by CRTS.
The service provides source photometry derived from the SExtractor
photometry package. CSS images are all taken unfiltered.
Magnitudes provide here are in V-band. Rough transformation and 
photometric calibration is based on a few 10's to 100's stars within 
each frame. Contact CRTS members for further details to photometry.