An open optical transient survey

CRTS Research Areas:


All CRTS candidate Blazar detections.
CSS watchlist, MLS watchlist. SSS watchlist.
Members of CRTS are actively involved in studies relating variability-based 
discovery and multi-wavelength follow-up of blazars.

Blazars followed by Fermi and CRTS: watchlist, targets.

Supernovae and Hypernovae

Supernovae discovered by CRTS.
CSS watchlist, MLS watchlist, SSS watchlist.
CRTS supernova research concentrates on core collapse supernova. Of particular 
interest are the ultraluminous type-IIn supernova associated massive stars 
and their circumstellar shells. The projenitors to these events are believed 
to be Eta Carenae-like LBV stars. CRTS has detected a number of extra-galactic 
LBV outbursts.

Other SN studied by CRTS include broad-line type-Ic supernovae which have be 
assoicated with long-timescale GRB outbursts called Hypernovae.

We particularly interested in collaborators studying CC supernovae. However, 
we welcome studies related to the hundreds of type-Ia we discovered.

Supernovae and LBVs in bright nearby galaxy from SNhunt:

Unknown transients

Transient of Unknown Origin (TUO), High amplitude variables, High proper motion stars
CSS watchlist, MLS watchlist, SSS watchlist.
CRTS members are actively trying to characterise the nature of rare and unexplained
types of optical transients. We are working of tidal disruption events, nuclear
supernovae as well as new types of transients. We welcome all astronomers wishing
to help us characterize these objects.

Cataclysmic variables

All CRTS CV detections
CSS watchlist. MLS watchlist. SSS watchlist.
CRTS members do not carry out active research of cataclysmic variables.
We welcome follow-up and collaborations wishing to work on hundreds of 
cataclysmic variables that we have discovered.

CVs that can be followed with a small telescope (V < 17):
CSS watchlist MLS watchlist SSS watchlist

GCVS CVs covered by CRTS: watchlist

Rapid Transients

Rapid variables and possible asteroids.
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CRTS has discovered hundreds of rapid transients and welcomes collaboration
with astronomers with automated telescopes capable of following such objects.


Active Galactic Nuclei from CRTS.
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CRTS has found hundreds of AGN and welcomes researchers interested
in these objects.

CV and SN candidates

Objects that may be supernovae or CVs.
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CRTS members are currenting looking at automated methods of classifying
transients. We welcome collaborators working in this area.