ZTF Photometric Calibration

Info about ZTF DQ.

The factors limiting ZTF photometric calibration. (New).
Large scale systematics
Systematics in ZTF Photometry.
Photometric magnitude Bias.
Spatial Systematics
Residual Spatial Structure.
Residuals of the full FoV.
Spatial colour dependence
General Colour dependence of Residuals
Individual field colour dependence of Residuals (New)
PSF colour and spatial dependence of Residuals (New)
Colour dependence across the FoV.
Photometric Field Offsets
Photometric offsets between fields
Determining offsets for all ZTF fields
Affects due to Reddening (New)
Uncertainty systematics
Trends in Photometric Uncertainties.
Frame level systematics
Photometric variation with Skylevel.
Systematic effects across the full FoV.
Corrections for g-band frame offsets.
Corrections for r-band frame offsets.